Haven Elene

Haven Elene Havili. First, the middle name Elene is after my grandmother. She had a special relationship with Stanley and my kiddos, and we just thought it was perfect. We sure love and miss our Grandma Elene.

Now, Haven. Her name is so special to me. Haven means safe, or safe place. Because of this I knew from the get-go, if we were having a girl, her name would be Haven. Let me explain..

If you know me, you know I have wanted another baby since the day my son was born. I was just.. ready for another. To some, or most, that probably sounds crazy. Haha. But it’s the truth. Unfortunately my marriage was in NO place for us to have another. If you don’t know our story of my husbands addiction and all that has happened, click here, but as soon as we got to a place where I felt safe in my marriage, I knew I wanted to start trying for our angel baby!

She truly is our families angel. Our safe Haven. Not only do I believe she was in the hotel room with Stanley that scary day a year and a half ago keeping him safe, I also believe her sweet spirit was keeping me and her siblings safe through all the dark times as well.

I am so thankful to be where I am in my life, and that we were able to bring this amazing girl to our family. I love her so much and I can’t wait to see how special she will be as she grows! πŸ’•

Now- as for the mystery blanket! Ha-ha! I had SO many comments about that blanket. So here’s how it went down. The amazing @audreysbearΒ offeredΒ to send me an announcement blanket. I told them I would LOVE that, but that I didn’t know the gender. So, they went above and beyond for me, and told me to pick out a girl and boy blanket. Then to send them the names, and our gender in an envelope (I had my dr put it in one so I wouldn’t be tempted to look) and sent it their way. Then they sent me the final blanket and I had to wait 3 WEEKS until the hospital to open it. Having it sit in the closet was torture. I eventually had to hide it so we wouldn’t open it. Ha-ha. But it was so worth the wait πŸ™‚ *to learn more about audreysbear and their mission, click here*

So there you have it! An explanation of the mystery blanket and the meaning behind my angel baby’s name.

Haven Elene Havili. 2/2/17.

With love,

Jocelyn Havili

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