Mommy Must Haves!

Today I am going to share with you guys 6 companies that are on myย “Mommy must-have Monday” list. I can’t wait to have a baby to use these amazing products with, but for now I am just going to tell you about them and share some pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

1- The Dockatot. I am sure most of you have heard of it, but I asked a couple months ago what was a must have that my mommy friends had to have, and no joke, 95% said the doctatot. So I am SO excited to have partnered with them to be able to try this GENIUS baby pillow!! Now all I need is a baby to put in it! ๐Ÿ™‚

2-ย The Ollie Swaddle! I will admit it, I have never got down the “swaddle”. Every time I would swaddle, it would come un-done. So, I am so happy to have this blanket to keep the babyย swaddled! The way they have designed it, and the material, it is perfect. This is also going in my hospital bag because.. Swaddle. Go check out their website and see this thing in action. (Since I don’t have a baby to show it on. ha-ha) And, I have to talk about the packaging..cutest ever!

3- ย Lorena Canals Rug. All of these pictures are taken on my Lorena Canal Rug!ย The rug I picked out is the Braids Pearl Gray. ย Since we don’t know the gender of this baby, I wanted to pick something that was gender neutral. But the best thing about these rugs, they are MACHINE WASHABLE!!!! 2 toddlers, a dog, and a new born baby.. We are a giant mess waiting to happen. Ha-ha. So knowing that I don’t have to be a stress case whenever they are on this rug, is So relieving! You spilt your drink? Throw it in the wash. woot woot!

4- Binxy Baby. I am sure we have all had the grocery cart struggle when the carseat takes up the entire cart and so you have no room for food. Not to mention the other kids you have with you that are hanging on to the sides for dear life. Ha-ha! Binxy Baby to the rescue! This shopping cart hammock is going to save me some sure tears when I venture out for the first time with all 3 kiddos. Yes, I am mentally preparing NOW. Ha-ha!!

5- Milestone Original Activity Cards. These cardsย are such a fun way to remember and document our babies “firsts”! We plan on going to california this summer, where I will be using the first flight card, first time at the beach card, first amusement park card, and many more! The cards are not only a fun wayย to remember these moments, but they are adorable!!

6-ย Finn+Emmaย Play Gym. The picture I have is from their website, because this is one item that I really want to be able to get gender specific. And I figure a newborn doesn’t need it for the first little bit so I will have time to put my order in as soon as we know what this mystery baby is!! But back to the Play gym.. how amazing is it?! All of the wood details- I’m obsessed! And thenย all of theย toysย and clothing that they offer, isย all So cute and just has that “special” feeling. I’m going to have a hard time deciding what exactly I want. Knowing the gender will hopefully help a little. ha-ha!


Once again, I can’t wait to have a baby to use all of these fun, amazing products with! Come baby come! 2 WEEKS! (or sooner- that would be fine with me. ha-ha!)

Thanks for joining me for my “Mommy must-have Monday!” I hope your Monday has beenย amazing!!


With Love,


Jocelyn Havili


*This is a sponsored post. All of my opinions remain my own :)*




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