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Maternity Photoshoot

I am terrible at being pregnant. The only things I like about being pregnant are feeling the baby move and knowing that I am growing a tiny human that I love so unbelievably much! But the rest- not my thing. haha! My amazing sister(thanks @kelseyhadleyphotography– you’re the best)Β definitely helped me feel a little bit better about myself with this fun quick photoshoot we did when I went to vegas! And actually getting ready, I say it every time and it never happens, ha-ha, but actually getting ready helps you feel better too!Β Β That’s it, I’m setting a new goal- get ready at least 3 times a week! Starting tomorrow. Wish me luck πŸ˜‰

I have less than 3 months leftΒ (by a week- but who’s counting? hah!).. I can do anything for 3 months right??

Dress: @poppyanddot


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